Tools for Healing: Simple, Creative Ways to Explore, Learn From, and Resolve Emotional Distress began as a substantial appendix of tools included in Losing and Finding My Father. A friend who found the appendix very helpful on its own said that he’d love to share it with his coaching clients. He urged me to publish it separately, and I thought it was a great idea. Voilà—a new mini-book was born.

Tools for Healing offers easy, accessible approaches and exercises for working with and resolving emotional pain, including:

active imagination ~ the observer self
subpersonalities (parts) ~ art therapy ~ journaling

Tools for Healing also includes a collection of recommended resources.

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Brilliant, Easy Do-It-Yourself Tools for Introspection and Self-Growth. This is a great collection of tools for anyone working with a therapist or coach who wants to expand introspection on their own–or, a coach/therapist seeking to augment what they’re doing with clients. It includes techniques that would be familiar to any IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner… but also many beyond that. I’ve described some of these to clients in the past, but Kira does it much better.”

—Mark Hurwich, Concentrated Coaching