Bubu_and_Joseph_small-72-grayMy father’s parents, Bessie (Bubu) and Joseph

Basha Joseph and Children bw-72-grayLeft to right: My father, siblings Morris, Ed, Rose, and Ben, and their parents

Dad_and_Rose_young_small-72-grayMy father and his sister, Rose, in 1922 or 1923

Dad_1928_small-72-grayMy father in 1928 at age eleven or twelve

Dad_violin_pose1_small-72-grayMy father as a young violinist, 1930s


Basha and Her Kids - 1944_resized-72-grayLeft to right, standing: Ed, Ben, my father, Morris; Sitting: Bubu, Rose, 1944

Ben, Morris and Lou Silverberg, 1950s_resized-72-gray“The boys”: Ben, Morris, and my father, 1950s

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